Stick It Magnetic Towels


The new Stick It Magnetic Towel from Monument Golf gives players ultimate convenience when using a golf towel throughout the round. Designed with a removable industrial-strength magnetic patch, the Stick It Towel magnetically attracts to cart posts, club heads and shafts allowing for effortless accessibility every shot.

Grab-N-Go Greenside Pickup –
The magnetic patch snaps to wedges and putters for quick, on-the-go pick up when using the towel greenside.

Always Within Arm’s Reach – Sticks to the cart roof frame for easy access, convenient positioning and quicker play.

Super-Strong Hold – Securely holds to club heads and cart roof frames, eliminating the worry of losing the towel when riding or walking.

Optimal Towel Size – Allows for convenient use of the same towel from tee to green.

On-The-Go Access. Every Shot.

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Stick It Magnetic Towel - White
Stick It Magnetic Towel - Grey